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Opportunity for Deanwood Venture…

…and One Dallas Fan

photo and story by Virginia Avniel Spatz

Kevin Brown is the third family member to run the Dave Brown Wine & Liquors, launched by his father, Dave, in 1964. For decades Kevin worked alongside his father, Dave, and brother, David “Jim” Brown. But Dave Brown died in 1998 and Jim in 2004. A third brother, Andre, has a separate career and does not work in the store. Now, Kevin says, “after 43 years, seven days a week, I’m done.”

“The place looks like a ghost town now,” Deanwood resident Yvonne Johnson says. “But those few bottles left on the shelves don’t tell the whole story.”

Johnson and other neighbors want to ensure that the Brown family legacy is not lost when the property is transferred to a new owner. And many in the area are watching closely to see what turnover of businesses like Dave Brown Liquors will mean for the community.

croppedkbMeanwhile, long-time community member Kevin Brown continues to greet customers amid reduced stock – including that one Dallas hat – at 4721 Sheriff Road NE. The property includes residential quarters, is zoned for mixed-use commercial development, and can convey with a Class A Liquor License. Learn more in the January issue of East of the River.

Last Breaths Demand

Over city streets
last breaths of pain and fear, of desolation
gather, accusing the living
of all the peace not sowed,
all the justice not pursued,
the healing still to do

Final breaths
from every Tricia who planted seeds for all to enjoy,
from every Moe who sought to stop retaliations,
from every individual whose end came through violence
fill the air we share, pressing:
Will we inhale these precious molecules, fueling
transformation in the name of the lost,
infusing our blood to act for change overdue?
Or will they drop, unheeded
like more lead,
sent to crush us all?

–December 30, in honor of
Maurice Moe Benton, former Peaceoholic & nephew of Ronald Moten,
and Tricia McCauley, teacher to many
and the too many lost to violence
in Washington DC and around the world