#TacoTruckTerry and the Spatula Threat: Murphy Brown, Privilege, and Police

Murphy Brown's Thanksgiving episode, however inadvertently, vividly illustrates crucial lessons about police and privilege....


Passing & Pure Individualism

While the 'passing' of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century has fallen out of favor, the passing of today takes the form of the assertion of 'pure' individualism, stripped of race and gender. But this notion of the individual is an ideological fiction, reflective of the image of male whiteness, and still situated in … Continue reading Passing & Pure Individualism

Demystifying Whiteness

"Historically, many White immigrants have been accused of marginalizing other White immigrants...demystifying the cultural complexity of people classified as White, and the hierarchy of groups created by racism, multicultural education will help White students understand their own history, as well as the fact that the current social discourses against diverse racial/ethnic groups are very similar … Continue reading Demystifying Whiteness

…walked off with the aggressor

“For the vast majority of white Americans, the past decade*—the first phase—had been a struggle to treat the Negro with a degree of decency, not equality. White America was ready to demand that the Negro should be spared the lash of brutality and coarse degradation, but it had never been truly committed to helping him … Continue reading …walked off with the aggressor

Racism: Sickness Unto Death?

“It is time to re-order our national priorities. All those who now speak of good will...now have the responsibility to stand up and act for the social changes that are necessary to conquer racism in America,” wrote SCLC president in a 3/4/68 press release, concluding: “If we as a society fail, I fear that we … Continue reading Racism: Sickness Unto Death?

Reputation of Being a White Man

'If he be a white man, and assigned to a colored coach, he may have his action for damages against the company for being deprived of his so-called property. Upon the other hand, if he be a colored man and be so assigned, he has been deprived of no property, since he is not lawfully … Continue reading Reputation of Being a White Man

Whiteness as Property

"In James Madison's view, for example, 'property embraces everything to which a man may attach value and have a right'...Whiteness defined the legal status of a person as slave or free. White identity conferred tangible and economically valuable benefits and was jealously guarded as a valued possession, allowed only to those who met a strict … Continue reading Whiteness as Property