#TacoTruckTerry and the Spatula Threat: Murphy Brown, Privilege, and Police

Murphy Brown's Thanksgiving episode, however inadvertently, vividly illustrates crucial lessons about police and privilege....


Community Backbone

“This is a healing model for us as a community,” said April Goggans, looking out on a candle-lit circle of community members outside Marbury Plaza on November 1. The vigil marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Alonzo (Zo) Fiero Smith, age 27, who died following an encounter with special police officers (SPOs) at … Continue reading Community Backbone

Private Security with Badge (and Gun)

My series on policing, with a focus on special (private) police and communities of color, is appearing in East of the River, a Capital Community Newspaper. Across the US, many individuals with badges, often armed, are accountable to no one except their private employer. Accountability and regulation of private security was found wanting in a … Continue reading Private Security with Badge (and Gun)